©  Nah Seung Yull

© Nah Seung Yull


The Duo CelloGayageum was founded in Berlin by the Austrian cellist Sol Daniel Kim and Korean Gayageum player Dayoung Yoon in December 2016. 

Since then, their unique constellation gained a lot of attention, which has led them to various festivals and cultural events throughout Europe. In 2017 both musicians have been invited to South Korea for the first time to perform a showcase at the ‘Asian Pacific Music Meeting’ of the <Ulsan World Music Festival>. Furthermore in 2018 they were awarded with the ‘Soorim Culture Prize’ given by the <Soorim Cultural Foundation> and in the same year also received a generous grant from the <Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture>.

The co-existence of the West and the Far East, which is also reflected by the musical and cultural background of both artists, acts like a catalyst and enables the musicians to discover new ways to make and create music. Sol Daniel Kim and Dayoung Yoon are constantly searching and experimenting with the goal to combine the characteristics of their respective musical cultures and instruments, finding the right balance and forming a harmonic symbiosis in sound and style.

All their pieces are original and written by the two artists.